How Can Shopify Be Better Than It Already Is?

One feature That’ll Improve Shopify Immensely from Shopify Unite 2016 Developer Conference.

Shopify is a great choice for small businesses who wants to have a professional, robust e-commerce solution.  We recommend Shopify to 99% of our clients because it’s easy to use, secure, fast, many marketing tools, customer support, and etc.  Lately, our clients have asked one popular question: Should I consider Square Space or Wix or WordPress besides Shopify?

Shopify vs Square Space vs Wix vs WordPress

A simple answer to this ever prevalent question is this.  If you are an e-commerce then choose Shopify.  If you’re a blogger or online site that wants to add e-commerce feature then other solutions might work but we still recommend Shopify.

If you are an e-commerce then Shopify is the solution!  Unless you need fully custom server-side solution.  And most of small businesses don’t need the server side solution like Magento.

One of the reasons that clients consider other options such as Square Space or Wix or WordPress is, from the technical stand of point, that Square Space and Wix and some WordPress offer content editor.  We’ve used Square Space, Wix, and WordPress and these are great tools that allow anyone can modify and update the layout of the site.

Last year Shopify released a feature called “Storefront Editor” which works very similar Square Space and Wix that you can see the changes as you make them.  Now this year Shopify announced on March 22, 2016 at Shopify Unite 2016 Developer Conference that it’ll release another great feature!  We can’t say too much about it now but this new feature will enable anyone to modify and update the layouts of the page just as easily as Square Space and Wix.

This new feature will be released later this year and this is one feature that will ultimately end the comparison between Shopify vs Square Space vs Wix vs WordPress.  So stay tuned.

Meanwhile if you still have questions about the advantages of using Shopify over other platforms, please contact us and we’ll gladly help you.

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